Another sweater on the needles

Way back in March, I happened across the pattern for Halliard, by Kate Gilbert, in the pages of the Twist Collective (an on-line knitting magazine/cooperative that I love). As soon as I saw it I knew I had to knit it. It’s really just a very lovely sweater.

But the pattern calls for an Aran-weight yarn, which would result in a very thick and warm sweater. I prefer my sweaters to be a bit lighter than what I would get from an Aran-weight yarn, so I decided to try knitting it in a sport-weight instead:

Spring Sage

That’s Imperial Stock Ranch Tracie, in Spring Sage. The pattern calls for US size 9 needles, but of course with a different weight yarn, I had to use different needles – US size 2s! Quite a change. In order to get the sizing and proportions right, I’ve been following the instructions for size 39″ (the size I actually want the sweater to be), and the instructions for size 51″ (the size I’d have to knit, given my gauge, to get a 39″ sweater), as well as improvising, measuring, and trying-on (those last two items being the only fool-proof way to knit a sweater that actually fits). So far it’s going surprisingly well!


Hopefully I’ll have a finished sweater before it’s cold enough to need one again next fall.


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