Green sweater – done!

The green sweater is finally finished! It only took two years and two months from start to finish, but it was worth it. Sometimes my projects seem to need a break (or two, or three…) before I can get them done.

Green sweater front

I ended up modifying this pattern (Jennifer Lang’s Victoria Yoke Pullover) a bit; the original has sleeves that end just above the elbow, but I wanted long sleeves on this one (to date, most of my knitted sweaters have featured 3/4 length sleeves – mostly due to impatience on my part, but sometimes 3/4 sleeves just aren’t warm enough).

Green sweater back

Overall, this was an enjoyable sweater to knit; that’s an especially good thing, because due to measuring error(s), I knit the body at least 2.5 times, and the right sleeve twice (luckily the sleeves are the same, so the left sleeve worked out on the first try). But all’s well that ends well, right?

Green sweater shoulder detail


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