Christmas mittens

So I decided to knit a pair of mittens as a Christmas gift. First I picked out some nice yarn at the lovely new yarn store in Moscow (the Yarn Underground, definitely worth a visit). I went with Imperial Stock Ranch Tracie, a 2-ply sport weight yarn with a nice loft, in the aptly-named colorway “Spiced Poppy”.

Spiced poppy

It’s a “crunchy” kind of yarn, that is, it’s a little rustic, and softness is not it’s strong suit (though this particular yarn is a lot softer than some other crunchy yarns I’ve squeezed). But crunchy yarns tend to be some of my favorites; I like how they feel when I’m knitting with them, and I like how they result in a knitted fabric with good stitch definition.

Spiced poppy close-up

Once I’d settled on the yarn, I had to pick out a pattern. I decided to re-knit a pattern I designed last year, the Spruce Tree Mittens. Since the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, I split the skein of Tracie in half and am holding the yarn double in order to get the correct gauge. I hadn’t thought about this pattern in a while, and it’s been fun to re-visit it and remember why I liked it enough to write it down in the first place.

One mitten down, one mitten to go!

First spiced poppy


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  1. Looks great! I’m glad you’re enjoying the yarn- I’ve had fun working with it, too. It’s rustic enough to look unique, but processed enough to be virtually free of vegetable matter. 🙂

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