Clapotis – finished!

Lately I seem to be working on a lot of scarves… maybe it’s because it’s full-on autumn now here in Idaho, and I want something warm to wear when I walk into town. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been working a lot lately, and all I can handle at the end of the day, knitting-wise, is something simple and quick.

Or not so quick; the scarf I finally finished this week had been on my needles for over two years!! (I blogged about it, my never-ending project, here).


This is my version of Kate Gilbert’s Clapotis. Despite what you may think based on how long it took me to finish this project, I really did enjoy working on it! Sometimes I just get distracted, that’s all.

I especially like how the stitch pattern really pops once you block the thing; all those dropped stitches need a stiff stretching to even them out. Compare this pre-blocked photo (squiggly dropped stitches!):

Clapotis close-up pre-blocking

To this post-blocked photo (smooth dropped stitches!):

Clapotis close-up

I’m really pleased with how this scarf turned out. This pattern is extremely popular (16,402 projects listed on ravelry as of today, whoa!), and in my opinion, this popularity is well-earned. Nice pattern, nice scarf. Lucky me!

Rocking clapotis

Rocking clapotis up close


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One response to “Clapotis – finished!

  1. Sharon

    Emily, this is just so lovely! You are truly an artist! Happy autumn and see you soon! Love, Sharon

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