Knitting a sweater

Knitting a sweater can be hard. By which I mean, knitting a sweater that fits me exactly how I want it to is hard for me. I can whip out a sweater, if it doesn’t matter what size or shape it is, but if I want it to actually look nice while I’m wearing it, well, that takes some effort. Even with careful swatching, things don’t always work out the way I expect them to… a measuring error of a quarter of an inch in a swatch becomes an error of three inches when you size up to a sweater, and that can be the difference between a sweater that I want to wear and one that just sits in the closet.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I finished my Liesl sweater (blogged about here, raveled about here), and it actually fit!

Liesl under a tree

This is the first sweater I’ve knit that actually ended up being the size I intended it to be. I’ve worn it a few times since finishing it, and it really is a good sweater – warm (but not too warm) and soft, a good sweater for autumn.

I had planned to block it, but once I finished knitting it and sewing the buttons on, I just couldn’t wait to wear it. So I did… and I realized that it probably doesn’t need to be blocked. Because the sweater is so fitted, just wearing it really opens up the lace, and I’m happy with how it fits in the un-blocked state, so I’m going to leave it as it is.

Liesl from the back

(I don’t know what’s going on with my hair in that photo, but this is a blog about knitting, not hair, so just ignore that and look at the sweater. Nice sweater, huh?)

So in my previous post about this sweater, I wrote about how I had to rip it back and start over after getting down to the armpits and realizing that it really was huge. I think that’s one of the keys to knitting a well-fitting sweater; if you try it on part-way through, and avoid deceiving yourself as to whether or not it really is the size you intended, you can start over if necessary. And while that seems a bit counter-productive in the moment, in the long run you’ll get a sweater you actually want to wear rather than a blanket-sized sack that just sits in the closet (there are a few of those hiding in my closet right now, in fact!).

Fun during the photo shoot

(Thanks to E. for expert photography skills!)


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