Knitting runs in the family

I’ve recently picked up a project that I started over two years ago (!), in April of 2008. It’s the Sonoma Mountain Wrap, pattern written by Carol Lapin and published in Simply Shetland 2: At Jack London Ranch (here’s mine, on Ravelry). The yarn is what the pattern calls for, Jamieson’s Shetland Double Knitting.

Sonoma Mountain Wrap

Wrap from the side

It’s a nice, easy pattern (the whole thing is done in linen stitch, with a crocheted-on border worked at the end), but the frequent and irregular color changes keep it interesting. Perfect movie-watching knitting, in other words. Here you can see what the back-side of linen stitch looks like (it’s got quite a nice texture to it):

Linen stitch

Knitting has been one of my favorite hobbies for a while, but I haven’t always been a knitter. I wasn’t born with knitting needles in my hands, I didn’t churn out mittens by the dozen in elementary school, and I wasn’t raised by sheep on a fiber farm somewhere in the mid-west. No, I learned how to knit when my mother taught me how. Many times. It didn’t stick the first few times she gave me needles and yarn, but eventually it did. So I owe most of my knitting skills and a lot of my knitting inspiration to my mom. She is, in fact, a New York State Fair blue-ribbon-winning knitter. A lot to live up to, right??

So this particular project, the Sonoma Mountain Wrap, is one that we’re working on together (or I should say, worked on together…). I don’t mean that we’re mailing it back and forth between her house in New York and mine in Idaho, each of us knitting  a row or two before we send it back (although that would be a fun project); I mean that one time when she and my dad visited me in Fairbanks (where I was living at the time), we went to the local yarn store, and we each left with enough yarn to knit this thing and the idea to each knit it at the same time, like our own personal knit-along.

What I failed to anticipate (though it’s obvious in retrospect, of course!), is that she would finish waaaaaaay before me… first of all, she’s a faster knitter than me (more practice… I’ll catch up eventually, I’m sure), and she has more knitting-project-faithfulness than me, too. In fact, her wrap has been done for over a year now, and, well, mine is still closer in size to a placemat than a wrap. But I’m back on a roll with mine, so I’m sure I’ll finish it… eventually!

Sonoma wrap close-up


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  1. Bethstar

    Well, what a nice post! I do think the knitting speed is a direct correlation to the amount of mindless television watching, so it’s not really so bad that you are taking your time!!!

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