Dogwood hat

I’m happy to announce that I’m releasing a new hat pattern, the Dogwood hat! It’s available for free here on this site, and here on ravelry.

Dogwood hat side view

After I knit up the prototype hat for this pattern, my friend L. absolutely fell in love with it. I recently left Fairbanks, AK to move to Moscow, ID, because my sweetheart E. is starting a PhD at the University of Idaho in Moscow… so when it was time to leave, it seemed like giving the hat to L. was just the right thing to do. These photos are of me wearing it, but believe me, it looks better on L.!

One of the challenges inherent in designing a hat is what to do with the established pattern at the top of the hat, where everything comes together (or branches out, if you’re knitting a top-down hat). Because the eyelet pattern I used on this hat is made up of a series of yarn-overs accompanied by decreases, it was easy enough to just eliminate successive yarn-overs as I got to the top. Thus, the decreases, left to their own devices, caused the crown of the hat to get smaller, just as I wanted.

Dogwood hat from the top

If you choose to knit this pattern, let me know how it goes!


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