Skarland hat

My qiviut hat is complete! I’m still working on writing up the pattern, but the prototype is finished and photographed:

Skarland hat

Here’s a close-up of the lace pattern:

Skarland hat lace

And one of the top of the hat:

Skarland hat top

(Many thanks to my friend H. for being my model/photographer buddy!)

So I thought I would use up a whole 1 oz. skein (~230 yards) to make this hat – but in fact, the whole thing took just over half the skein. I could have kept knitting the ribbing until I used up the yarn, as I had intended to do, but that would have yielded a pretty silly-looking (and not very practical!) hat. So now I have enough qiviut left over to knit another hat, albeit one that’s slightly smaller or uses a more open lace pattern.

I decided to call this pattern the “Skarland hat” because of where we ended up taking pictures of it – on the Skarland ski trail on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, right next to the Large Animal Research Station, which is where I’m working this summer and where I bought the qiviut that became this hat. Seemed like an appropriate name!

I’m still in the process of writing this pattern up, but I intend for it to be a free pattern available here, on ravelry, and hopefully at the Station, too.



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4 responses to “Skarland hat

  1. Sue Royston

    Hi Emily,
    You are such a lifesaver! I have been calling around Fairbanks looking for a hat pattern for my qiviut, just a simple one, with no luck. I bought the Arctic Lace book which I totally love, but it doesn’t have the type of hat I’m looking for. And you don’t want to settle for less when you’re working with qiviut! So THANK YOU for these two beautifully awesome hats and giving out the free patterns… wonderfully generous of you! I’d prefer to make the Skarland hat, so I’ll be anxiously awaiting instructions, in the meantime I guess I will start in on the Dogwood hat….both are gorgeous!

    • Thanks for your kind words! The Skarland hat pattern is currently in the test-knitting phase, so I hope it will be ready to release sooner rather than later. As soon as it’s ready, I’ll announce its release here on the blog, and post the pattern here as well.

  2. Sue Royston

    Great to hear that the test-knitting phase is coming along (*_*) I’m sure these things take time! It’s a beautiful pattern and I’m anxious to knit a hat with my qiviut and get rid of the hat I made with wool… is SO itchy! But it keeps my head warm, so I talk nice to it. Enjoy the holidays!!!

    PS-I forgot to mention a big THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful patterns with us……I have very little creativity in my genes but I follow directions real well!

  3. Sue Vermeer

    Hello, did you ever publish the Skarland qiviut hat pattern?? It has a lovely look about it and might make up into a fabulous scarf (since hats and my head do not match!) Any insight into your pattern would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Sue

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