I finally got around to blocking my swallowtail shawl last weekend:

Blocking swallowtail

Blocking is my favorite part of knitting lace – well, actually getting down on my hands and knees to pin the darn thing out is not my favorite part, but rather the transformation that occurs as a result of blocking. It really is a crucial step. Blocking opens up the lace, stretches it out, evens out the stitches, and just generally makes it look crisp. And nice.

After it was done drying, I took the shawl outside to try to take some photographs of it. But it turns out it’s difficult to get a photo with some good contrast when what you’re trying to photograph is a green shawl amongst lots of leafy green plants (if you’re me, anyway… I’m sure other people who are better at taking photographs revel in this sort of challenge, and say things like, “challenge? what challenge? this is easy!”). Here’s my best attempt:

Swallowtail up close

Then I hit on the idea of using the truck as a backdrop:

Swallowtail on truck

Swallowtail on truck up close

So there you have it! A completed shawl. Also of interest in these photos, note the juxtaposition of the super-feminine knitted lace shawl with the raw power implied by the gun-metal-gray side of the truck bed. You see, I planned that part, as a critique on modern society… I didn’t just use the first convenient background that I saw, nope, not at all.

Ah, knitting! You really can relate it to anything.


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  1. TundraTuckus

    You should make a truck-sized shawl next!

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