Qiviut baby booties

Here are some photos of a recently completed project:

Baby booties on the porch

Baby booties closer up

Baby booties with cuffs turned down

Cuff close up

These were knit for a friend, out of qiviut from the Large Animal Research Station gift shop (Mountain Lingonberry is the name of the color). Yes, qiviut booties are a bit extravagant, but they’re a gift from a whole group of people, and I’m sure the baby’s parents will appreciate them – and really, if you can’t spoil a friend’s baby, then who can you spoil?

I posted these pics and a few others here on my ravelry page, and here’s a link to the pattern, which is available for free.

These were quite fun to make, of course baby things always are because of the instant gratification associated with knitting something that’s tiny (but still functional – bonus!). The yarn is lovely, really really lovely. If you ever get a chance to knit with qiviut, do it! Even though it’s a bit pricey, it really is as soft and warm as they say it is. And the pattern is also nice – I modified it a tiny bit, by adding in some extra stitches and rows, because I want these particular to booties to still fit this particular baby by the time it’s cold enough for her to need them. And I also chose to work the cuffs in a 2×2 rib instead of in stockinette stitch. But the pattern is wonderful just as it’s written, too – easy to follow instructions, although they aren’t exactly line-by-line, but interesting enough (or at least small enough!) to keep my attention through two booties.



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2 responses to “Qiviut baby booties

  1. TundraTuckus

    Cute booties! Hope Fairbanks has a really cold winter coming up!

  2. Omg those are the cutest things ever! I wish my kiddo was still small enough to wear something like that. I linked you to my blog, btw 😉

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