The never-ending project

I think every knitter has a few (or more than a few!) of these… it’s that project that you liked when you started it, and you still like it, but other momentarily more exciting projects keep getting in the way, so now it’s been two years since you started it and it’s still not finished.

For me, it’s this scarf:

Clapotis, by Kate Gilbert, with a few modifications, in Noro Kureyon sock yarn. Here’s the pattern on her website, and here’s my version on Ravelry. Kate Gilbert has been one of my favorite knit designers for a while now. Her patterns are well-written and clever, usually combining elements that I like in a way that I never would have thought of, and of course they always produce beautiful finished objects.

I started this scarf two summers ago, with the intention of finishing it in time to wear as a lightweight autumn scarf. That didn’t happen, obviously, but recently I’ve been thinking about picking it up again… maybe I’ll finish it in time to wear this autumn!

Clapotis up close



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3 responses to “The never-ending project

  1. bethstar

    Mine is the Fern Garden Stole from Alpaca with a Twist.

    Started about 3 years ago after I came back from a trip to the opera in a little black dress. As the evening cooled off a bit, I thought a black lace shawl would be nice. When I got home I obtained pattern and yarn and started.

    It will be beautiful someday. And maybe by then I will be able to fit into that little black dress again.

  2. TundraTuckus

    Perhaps there should be a mandated waiting period like they have for handgun purchases?

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