Weekend knitting

In spite of the beautiful, spring-like weather we had this weekend, I managed to get a bit of knitting done (I also managed to get outside, of course… the dog wouldn’t have it any other way).

On Saturday I finished up a prototype pair of the flip-top mitten design that’s been kicking around my brain for a while – funny how thinking designs up is a lot quicker than knitting the actual objects! No photos of those yet, though, as I didn’t break the camera out of its case all weekend. The next step for them, I think, is to actually write out the whole pattern in a form that someone other than me will be able to understand, and then test knit them again myself in a yarn that’s not a mystery yarn (the prototype pair is made out of a two-ply, bulky wool of some kind, but the ball-band is long gone, so the exact specs are a mystery to me!).

I also finally got around to blocking my Herbivore, which has been languishing done-but-not-quite-finished-because-it-really-isn’t-finished-till-you-block-it on the kitchen table for a while now. I wasn’t too thrilled about the look of it right when I bound-off, which is why I didn’t block it right away, but post-blocking, it’s a whole new scarf! I wore it around all day as soon as it was dry enough to un-pin from the bed (which is, of course, the most convenient place to block a scarf/shawl, by which I mean the only surface in the house big enough to use for that purpose).

So now it’s time to cast-on a new project, or pick an old unfinished one back up, or maybe do both (that’s really the most likely option!).


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  1. George

    Nice looking blog/website.
    Really like your sprucetreemitten pattern.
    Can’t wait until you are a successful marketer of yarn, supplies, patterns — everything related to knitting. You seem to be well on your way!

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