First post!

Hello everyone! This is my first foray into blogging, but I think it will be a successful venture… my friends will probably be relieved that I’ve decided to unleash my knitting energy onto the internet rather than into our conversations. Although, who am I kidding, I’m sure I’ll still be talking everyone’s ears off about knitting!



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3 responses to “First post!

  1. pb

    What a cool pix of the dog and the hats!
    Can’t wait to hear about your knitting adventures.

  2. bstar

    how cool is this!
    I never get tired of talking about knitting, so this is great!
    Keep it up, and I will watch for more posts

  3. susan


    I’ve just joined ravelry for the same reason (boring non-knitting friends and family) – although you have to admit they like wearing the results!

    I love your photography. Looks like you live somewhere really beautiful. I live in the city so not quite the same backdrop for my photos.

    Loved your autumn scarf.


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